Have we won the moral victory?

In my talk at the Wilberforce Oak, I said that – unlike William Wilberforce and his colleagues – we no longer need to persuade people that slavery is morally wrong. However, I have begun to wonder whether I was right. Do people consider modern slavery morally wrong? The preliminary research in the report “Consuming ModernContinue reading “Have we won the moral victory?”

Are we putting convenience before people?

I wanted to write this blog about ethical consumption before Christmas, but I kept starting and stopping because I found it so difficult to write about this subject without feeling like a complete hypocrite. Trying to make ethical purchasing choices is such a minefield. Should I focus on products that are plastic-free, with a lowContinue reading “Are we putting convenience before people?”

My talk at the Wilberforce Oak

We are standing here at the tree where William Wilberforce decided to pursue the abolitionist campaign in 1788. Thanks to his efforts over many decades and the efforts of the other early abolitionists, it became illegal to own a slave in the UK in 1833. We no longer need to campaign to make slavery illegal.Continue reading “My talk at the Wilberforce Oak”

Walking in Wilberforce’s footsteps

On 14 March 2020 we were extremely blessed to be able to go ahead with our Wilberforce Walk – the last event hosted by the Diocese of Rochester before lockdown. We completed a a circular walk from Keston to Downe and back via the Wilberforce Oak, where William Wilberforce sat when he decided to pursueContinue reading “Walking in Wilberforce’s footsteps”